Top 5 Australian Sites for Backlinking Your Guide to Geo-Directories

It’s 2020, and the term ‘backlinking’ is getting thrown around like Fireball at a 21st.

For those that are a little newer to SEO, backlinks are links that are directed towards your website (AKA Inbound Links). 

They’re relevant because Google (and other search engines) give merit to sites with good quality backlinks, and then consider them more relevant in the search results pages.

Now, there are multiple ways to get quality backlinks. A great option is to have high-ranking sites linking to your site (eg. bloggers with major followers).

BUT, if that’s not an option at the moment, another great backlinking avenue to take (especially for local businesses) is the Local Online Directory (geo-directory). Yerp, good ol’ Yellow Pages is as beneficial to your local business now as it was back in the 90s.


  • They create your foundation backlinks, building a diverse backlink profile.
  • The help to build your websites trust and Domain Authority (DA)
  • They’re free and easy to use
  • They assist with referral traffic

What do you need?

Get your NAP (Name Address Phone Number)  solidified before you start backlinking and using geo directories. For best results, and to be rewarded by the Google gods, this information must be consistent across every site.

Our top picks for local backlinks

1. Google My Business – DA 99

This deserves a blog post all on its own (coming soon). Essentially, if you’re a local business and you’re not on Google My Business, you are losing business.

Google My Business (GMB) is excellent at backlinking, but by establishing a strong GMB page, you have a chance of being featured in the local pack. This is organic advertising in prime position.

2. TrueLocal – DA 61

It’s an Australian directory for Australian businesses.
Easy to set up, clients/customers can leave reviews, and you can add products and services to beef up your profile. The negative to this site? Your competition can advertise on your listing. Still, it’s worth investing the 5 minutes it takes to set up a business profile, and encourage your clients to leave reviews.

3. Yellow Pages – DA 36

It’s a brand name that’s been around since before the internet. It’s trusted, local, and you can always look into paying for additional features down the track. You don’t get much for the free version, but it’s still a fantastic backlink for your site.

4. Yelp – DA 56

Yelp is underrated. It’s ideal for small business, trade services, and professional businesses online. It allows users to upload photos, leave reviews, and social proof (blog coming soon) the heck out of your business. It’s kind of like the tripadvisor of local business.

Added benefits, Google has been known to use YELP customer reviews in its ranking algorithm. Seriously, go and get on Yelp now!

5. Local Search – DA 44

Another great Australian site, LocalSearch is easy to use, has a slick interface, and is free.
It’s got the usual workings of a geo-directory, with the added benefit of being able to upload photos, products/services, and payment options.
On top of providing a solid backlink, it’s ideal for local services and allows for quote requests to be submitted through the site.


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