The business slow-down re-boot

With the increased isolation methods being enforced due to the corona virus pandemic, many local brick and mortar businesses are reporting a decline in sales and bookings. Business giants like MAC cosmetics have nominated to cease in-store application, but many small businesses are unable to close their doors during this period. So what should your business do to boost leads during this time?

Here are 4 things you can do to
re-boot your business during a quiet period.

1. Reassess all the services you provide

There’s a reason niche marketing is becoming so popular – it works. It has the capability to save you time, bring more enjoyment to your work, and earn you more money. Hairdressers that utilize all the techniques they were taught during their apprenticeship, as well as offering beauty treatments, are on the decline. Now salons are focusing on targeting their ideal client and only offering niche services. And this idea is spreading across industries.

Use this quiet period to build an image of your ideal client/patient/customer and remove the services that don’t appeal to this vision.

2. Improve your website

It’s common for businesses to fail to do their due diligence when hiring a web developer to build their website. Now is the time to work on your conversion rate optimisation, search engine optimisation, and search engine results page, so that when business resumes you’ll be ahead of the competition. Get customer feedback on your sites visability, usability, likability and work with a web developer to correct this.

3. Create social media content

If you’ve fallen behind on your social media game, now is the time to pick it up. Create content that:
1. Is inline with your brand
2. Appeals to your target market
3. Highlights the services or products you want to sell

Just learnt a new skill? Now is the time to offer discounted or free services to get content and practice in new skill areas.

Use a free social media planning app (like Later) to schedule your content for the next quarter – 6 months, and that way when business picks up again, you’ll be able to focus on turning leads into clients.

4. Start your email list or blog post

409 million people are viewing posts each month. It also affects your SEO and can get you featured in the coveted Google Snippets box. Google FAQ relevant to your industry are great topics to cover to start off.

Email marketing is an ideal opportunity to win back old customers as it allows you to speak directly to them. If you’ve got time, invest in these two options.

You can create templates on mailchimp (which is free under 2,000 contacts) which can then be utilized at a later date.

If you have a lot of time, you can start blogging and sending mailouts with your blog posts.

Need help boosting your leads during a slow period? We’d love to meet with you to discuss a strategy.